Ardiya industrial area Block 6, Building 190

About Us

Farmland is an entrepreneurial venture started in 2006 by Antoine Obeid with experience of 45+ years in the industry. After many years of proven success in introducing multiple international brands into the Kuwaiti market, he decided it was time to gather all the knowledge he accumulated and create Farmland, a Kuwaiti, high-end, all natural consumer products brand.
While keeping a variety of handpicked partners, Farmland grew into one of the leading fast moving consumer goods companies in Kuwait. As a brand, Farmland gained market share as a guaranteed all natural, top quality, flavorful product range.
With a consistent thirst for growth, a unique eye for opportunities and a strong will to scale up, Farmland is an ever-growing business with limitless possibilities.


Become a global household name while raising the average standards of quality in dairy and other food categories across the world’s markets.


Offer consumers from all walks-of-life easy access to affordable, delicious, all natural, top quality, nutritious and environmentally responsible food that their bodies deserve.

Farmland Promise

  • Highest Possible Quality
  • Unique Taste
  • Continuously Growing Variety
  • 100% Natural Products
  • Healthy & Nutritious Food
  • Ethical Business Practice
  • ISO Warehouse & Logistics
  • ISO Management
  • Widespread Distribution
  • Steady Supply Chain

Core Values

  • Carry yourself with Integrity
  • Act with Responsibility and Accountability
  • Trust your coworkers
  • 100% Natural
  • Succeed through teamwork
  • Inspire innovation
  • Respect yourself, the company and all communities

Chairman's Message

I pride myself with having built a team that aided in the realization of a lifelong dream, Farmland. This company started with no more than ten employees, and over a few years it grew into one of the leading FMCG companies in Kuwait, recognized for providing trusted products to its customers and communities. This success in developing and bringing to market cutting-edge product innovations, gave us the opportunity to acquire Arizona in Qatar, also a foodstuff distributor, as well as open La Maison Du Fromage in Kuwait, the first premium cheese company and shop in the country. Challenges have come, and many more will follow, but none so insurmountable that we cannot overcome them with unwavering determination, pure will and ongoing perseverance to achieve the growth we, as a team, know Farmland can attain. We are looking forward to many more years of exponential growth for Farmland as a brand and as a company; and I am humbled with the dedication our team has shown in the climb towards the long sought after ‘peak of the mountain’.

Sincere Regards,
Antoine Obeid